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Hello! Clyde here, founder of Bofaziran Interior Enterprises. Decorating my home’s interior has always been my passion, and I always want to make my home look as pleasant and relaxing as it can be. When my home has a good atmosphere, I can relax each time I’m there, which is I believe how every home should be. 

I founded Bofaziran Interior Enterprises to give everyone the opportunity to design their spaces as they see fit. We provide a wide range of home furniture in different designs to cater to anyone’s style principles. 

I envision that everyone will always want to come back home at the end of each day. I believe you can achieve that through a good set of home furniture.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your elegantly designed home.

Clyde Pfeiffer

Company Ceo

Bofaziran Interior Enterprises

Who We Are

Bofaziran Interior Enterprises is an experienced manufacturer and eCommerce distributor of various types of home furniture, including couches, tables, bookshelves, chairs, and many others.

Our products are carefully crafted using US-sourced materials by American furniture makers. We take pride in our work, and excellence is our backbone. At the same time, we make sure that our products come in the most affordable prices, friendly to any homeowner’s budget.

Get everything you need to make your home your haven of relaxation only here at Bofaziran Interior Enterprises.

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Affordable Price.

The best quality

Local & Exclusive

We have a team of all-American craftspeople manufacturing our products. Also, our raw materials all come from the United States. We believe in supporting our fellow Americans with our business model.

Bofaziran Interior Enterprises is an exclusively distributed brand of Safranek Distribution LLC. All our products are only available here in our website.